Dulwich Hill Preschool has been providing quality Early Childhood Education under the same management since 1992.


Our Service

At Dulwich Hill Preschool, we have an experienced, diverse and stable staff with a proven track record in providing an enticing learning environment.  Every child can expect individual attention to best meet his or her needs, and every family is welcomed and supported. Our focus is on ensuring that children are keen and competent learners well equipped to take advantage of future educational opportunities.


Opening hours

7.30 am to 5.30 pm Monday to Friday


Preschool Program

All children participate in the preschool program, which is available throughout the hours we are open.


Commitment to standards

Dulwich Hill Preschool has been continuously accredited since its first years of operation. Our preschool is designed to give children the opportunity to find their own level within the curriculum without being restricted by age grouping.  Equipment and programmes are responsive to children’s needs and interests, with a wide variety of activities available each day, and many additions from outside providers throughout the year. Children requiring additional support are given the help they need to participate, and a high staff to child ratio ensures everyone is included. We cater largely for 3-5 year olds, with a few places for children turning 3.