Dulwich Hill Preschool aims to provide children with a safe, secure, nurturing setting in which they can develop the range of intellectual, language, social, physical, emotional and creative skills which will best equip them to become confident and active participants in the learning process.

Our program relates to all aspects of children’s experiences whilst at the preschool and involves both planned and spontaneous activities. The preschool’s program is also based on the principles accepted by early childhood educators, and set out in the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia.

If children feel a strong sense of belonging, they are free to engage in the activities around them and to learn from their peers and educators. The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) states that ‘positive relationships are the foundation of that sense of belonging’. As we have longstanding staff and a consistent roster, we are able to put enormous effort into helping children form and maintain strong bonds with the educators, most of whom have been here for many years.